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These terms and conditions were developed to preserve the rights of each of the service providers, customers and the company that owns the application. Where these terms and conditions govern your use of this electronic application, as follows:


Company - Service Provider: Amani Company


Customers: Users of Amani's electronic application.


Courses: It is the role provided for the service that is presented on the Amani application.


Description of services

Amani Company meets the needs of customers by providing scientific lessons via the Internet by teachers specialized in the scientific materials provided, with a display of the prices of these lessons and an overview of them on the electronic application so that the customer can complete purchases directly via the Internet without the need to be present at the headquarters of the specialized company Wishes .

The purpose of the electronic application is to provide a means and service to customers so that the lessons are displayed so that the customer can run them on the application after purchasing them whenever he wants during the periods specified by the company.


Services provided on the application

Lessons and courses offered on the application, some paid and some free.

The services provided are used by you only, and you are not allowed to share your account with another user or give him your data on the application to view lectures and courses from his device.

Amani has the right to communicate with customers to indicate their satisfaction with the services provided and to obtain any feedback from them.

The number of views of lessons is not limited during the period of one semester. Amani has the right to terminate the user's participation in the lessons in the event of the end of the semester or for any other reason that the work team deems appropriate.


The prices

The prices displayed on the electronic application are for the company and are specified in Kuwaiti dinars only, and the customer is responsible for the currency conversion price.


Buy the course

If you make the course from the Amani application, it will be in your account without repurchasing again.


Execute operations

Lesson purchases are carried out immediately (online) and the price is paid by Knet or credit cards.

The notes of the published lessons are not entitled to be published, i.e. used for a commercial purpose, but they are printed and used by the student for a personal or study purpose only.

The company and the teachers have all the rights to the content that is provided in addition to the videos and designs for the lessons and courses, and the customer cannot use anything on the site for the company or the teachers without referring to the company and the teachers first.

The customer is not allowed to take screenshots by capturing or photographing the screen in any way, or to share the account with another person. In the event that the company becomes aware of the customer’s use of the site, a use that violates the aforementioned terms and conditions, then the company has the right to take appropriate measures in the case of violation, including suspending the account or canceling all subscriptions without referring to the customer.

No refund will be given if the customer changes his or her mind or if the customer purchases the lessons or course by mistake.



During the application and implementation process, the company must be provided with complete personal data, including name, phone number and email, along with writing any other data or notes, if any.

Payment of the price is by electronic payment (online service) by Knet card or credit cards.

By clicking on the "Confirm" button at the end of the application process, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein and which appear elsewhere on the Online Application.

Before placing your order, please review the Terms and Conditions.

If the issuer of your credit card does not authorize the completion of the financial transaction for any reason, we will not be able to process your transaction, and we will not be responsible for any delays arising therefrom.

The required amount of money, with the value of your transaction, will be withdrawn from your account as soon as the order is sent.

Amani company contact information


In the event of a complaint, it is directed by phone or by sending it to the e-mail specified in the application.

In order to help us resolve any complaints quickly and to your satisfaction, we recommend that you file the complaint on the same day the act complained of takes place.


Whereas, Amani - the service provider agrees to make all reasonable endeavors to ensure that the electronic application works completely and free of errors, but it does not guarantee that, and therefore, it does not bear any responsibility for any defects and / or disruption in the electronic application, and accordingly it is discharged One of its obligations under these terms and conditions in the event of any malfunctions beyond its control, which impedes work or makes the provision of the electronic application impossible or impractical.

The client bears responsibility for not carrying out his required operations as a result of default or breaches issued by him.

The customer is subject to all terms and conditions approved by the competent government authorities in the State of Kuwait.


The company reserves the right to complete or amend the terms and conditions that the customer is authorized to view on the "Amani" application from time to time. Any changes will be displayed on the electronic application, and the customer is responsible for reviewing the terms and conditions every time he uses the application. The changes will take effect immediately after displaying any change and all subsequent dealings with the client and the company will be based on the new terms and conditions.

In addition, the Company reserves the right to suspend, limit or terminate access to the Application at any time and for any reason.

Amani uses the data received from the client for the purpose of fulfilling his obligations under these terms and conditions as stipulated in his information confidentiality policy.

Regarding fraudulent representations of incorrect information, this Agreement (including any documents and documents referred to herein) supersedes all representations, any arrangements, any mutual understanding or any prior agreements between the Customer and the Service Provider (whether written or oral) and states that any agreement and Mutual understanding regarding the subject texts on it.

The service provider has the right to claim compensation in the event that the customer's use of the application harms his duties

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